belgium dating website 2016 - Validating quicken file

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This is the default location, but you can choose to store it anywhere you want.

To change your Quicken data file location, click on the "File" drop down menu and explore the different options available there.

It happens sometimes that Quicken file gets damaged and users are unable to access their data present in it.

Damage to the essential information on a computer system hard disk may spoil a Quicken data file badly.

Possible causes comprise improperly turning off the system, software conflicts, voltage fluctuations or general shield faults.

The archive command in Quicken makes a copy of transactions prior to and including a date you specify.

You don't lose any transactions since archiving in this software does split the archived transactions off from the original data file.

Quicken is an advanced personal finance software developed by Intuit which helps the users to manage computerized maintenance and documentation to supervise their own tasks.

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