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I post here and on Twisting the Hellmouth.(if you see my story posted somewhere else, please let me know*)Special thanks goes to the Authors whose written works and comments are constantly helping me to become a better writer, Lucifael and Tenhawk, to name a few.

The main online author whose writing inspires me is Fel, James Galloway, from the Fel is a great writer of both sci-fi and fantasy works and his books are so long that they will take you weeks if not back to back 24-hour periods to read. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor really got the muse flowing.

It starts out slow but the story is already pretty much finished (in my head).

Oh, and *soon* I will borrow some characters from the show "Grimm" but don't go with the storyline - any similarity to it is purely coincidental.

In this episode Anya and Willow have a fight that starts out over chicken's feet.

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