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Then in 2004 Nicky Hilton was called Ian Somerhalder girlfriend, although these relationship also lasted for a really short time they ended in the same year as they began.

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Despite the end of their relationship in 2013, Somerhalder and Dobrev still worked together on the CW series “The Vampire Diaries.” Somerhalder eventually began dating Reed and by 2015, Dobrev announced she was leaving the show.

Many thought that the actress was departing from the series because she was bitter about the split, but she insisted that she had always planned to leave the show.

Ian is an environmentalist and has expressed a deep concern about the constantly changing environment and the loss of natural habitat of wildlife.

The Ian Somerhalder foundation works towards spreading awareness about the environment.

The blue eyed heartthrob has appeared in many movies and TV shows and is one of the most popular American actors across the world.

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