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Tutu was the chairman of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), and many have argued that ubuntu was a formative influence on the TRC.

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Alan and his team of therapists utilize this program's approach and other techniques to help alleviate chronic pain for patients.

Sessions are held both in-person for the Los Angeles area or worldwide via Skype.

This two-part recovery program was created to help those of you who are having difficulty reducing or eliminating your physical symptoms.

This is a different kind of recovery program in two respects: First of all, as opposed to providing structured daily activities, it aims to generally provide you with a deeper understanding of why you have your pain, how it’s being perpetuated, and what steps you can take to eliminate or significantly reduce it.

One of Gade's key findings is that former TRC commissioners and committee members question the importance of ubuntu in the TRC process.

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