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by Geoffrey Wellum contains one of the most impressive recollections of training to become a fighter pilot. The entry, with very little in terms of flying hours, in newly formed 92 Squadron.The pages transmit all the burning desire and all the fears and hesitations. There is everything, and Geoffrey really transmits his emotions from the page.RAF Flight lieutenants John Peters and John Nichol were captured in the desert of Iraq in 1991 when their Tornado was hit by Saddam’s air defences.

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The strength of character that emerges from the pages is hard to describe: Richard is direct, sincere and concise in his memories: the intensity comes from what he sees and goes through, there is no need for tinsels.

Richard decided to write his story, and that of his lost comrades, when he was in the hospital, slowly recovering.

He said he wrote for humanity whole, to let at least some of the stories of those men be known, to show what they were ready to do for their ideals.

Richard Hillary was not tamed by what he went through. Anglo-American, James survived the sinking of the SS Athenia off the Hebrides and distinguished himself by helping other survivors.

by Richard Hillary is not only the story of a Spitfire pilot in the terrible hours of the Battle of Britain, but also the extraordinary tale of a man who was shot down and survived through months in the hospital, becoming a member of the “Guinea Pig Club” that Archibald Mc Indoe created by pioneering plastic surgery.

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