Updating heating from radiators to vents

by  |  27-Jul-2017 10:46

I am looking to open up the two spaces and this pipe currently sits about 2 feet away from the wall and if left as is the two spaces would still be divided by a jog out that would defeat my purpose of keeping the space wide open. The vents promote the ventilation of warm air throughout each room in the house.

When not in use, close one or more vents, but never cover or obstruct them when in use. If you look closely, you may see a thin trail of dust or furnace debris around the exterior of the vent. On light surfaces you may be able to see dust particles.

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Encourage family members to keep personal items away the vents in all living areas. Keep the external areas wiped clean to prevent an accumulation of grit or grime. Unscrew the vents and carefully remove foreign objects.

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