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Growing confrontation between the judiciary and Parliament in regard to the Ninth Schedule being brought under judicial review.24 Thus it is obvious that the conflict between the judiciary and Parliament about the constant enhancement of their respective powers has grown with the passage of time. See for details, “Loktantar me Nayay Palika”, Sahara Samay, New Delhi, June 12, 2004, p.

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On August 15, 1947, after ruling the subcontinent for over 200 years, the British surrendered power and India became a free country. The British parliamentary system left a lasting impress on it; due to the colonial legacy the framers of the Indian Constitution borrowed this system primarily from England.1 The freedom of the judiciary was taken from the USA. Raj Kishor, “Sawal sarvochta ka nhi maryadao ka hai”, Dainik Tribune, Chandigarh, January 31, 2006, p.

The USA did impart considerable power to the judiciary and made the judiciary free of the biased influence of the executive and the legislature.2 So the USA set an example of the freedom of judiciary before the whole world.

The views of both should be discussed cautiously.29 The privileges of Parliament are often mentioned in any discussion. Regarding the power and corruption Lord Acton asserted: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Nariman, Subhash Kashyap, “Ninth Schedule can’t help”, The Tribune, January 29, 2007, p.

It is said that the privileges of the Indian Parliament are not similar to those of the British Parliament according to the Indian Constitution. Raju, “Conflict Within”, Frontline, Chenni, April 20, 2007, p.

To keep the Constitution supreme in the country, India made the biggest written Constitution in the world. Rajalakshmi, “Doubts over data”, Frontline, April 30, 2007, p.

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