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It’s not for the couple and it’s not for the audience, as “On Chesil Beach” stops being a chronicle of ways to delay sex and turns into a chronicle of how not to recover from a bad moment.The last third of the film, said Mc Ewan in a post-screening Q&A in Toronto last September, differs dramatically from his original novel, using flash-forwards and tender glances to covey things that were depicted internally in the book.

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Diemonds guitarist Daniel Dekay hand-picked the lineup for the show on the 18th and has committed to making the show a special one.

Not only will this be the band’s triumphant return to the stage since their Juno nomination in April, it will also be the first Diemonds show with new bassist Tyrone Buccione. There’s a reason why Diemonds have saved these special moments for The Bovine’s 25th Anniversary.

Also Read: Saoirse Ronan Rages Against Suburban Machine in Greta Gerwig's ' Lady Bird' Trailer (Video) When the moment of truth arrives for the young couple, though, the gentle laughs end.

Florence bolts out of the honeymoon bed, we get flashes of a buried secret, and nothing is the same.

They kiss, they stall, they fumble with zippers and then stall some more — and the movie is complicit in their delaying tactics, slipping into one flashback after another as if it also is none too anxious to get to the big moment.

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