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t realize this because they havent traveled and dated abroad. The average Spanish woman initiates 1.33 contacts with a man per month ? I find that American women will look in the opposite direction when passing me without making any eye contact AT ALL.

When I traveled overseas, I noticed that woman are making eye contact and giving me flirtatious signals. In addition, only a select few will return a hi or hello and even that is forced.

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hey were very different from the others I'd just been dating in the States.

It was something about their culture and appreciation of men that grabbed my attention. They are mindful of how they dress, put on makeup, their style, posture, physical fitness, and presence. In her fourth letter to me she asked a profound question. Overall, humble people are more connected to others. I must say on sites such as dateinasia where you rate your appearance many Asian women will say they are average or below average and still look better than many American women that say they are attractive or very attractive on their profiles at American dating sites. It's a proven sociological fact that poorer people tend to be more kind, compassionate and friendly than middle class and above people due to their need to be more interdependent with others to get by.

Then personality wise, woman abroad are far more genuine, authentic , approachable, pleasing, sweet, tender, and feminine (feminine = shy,blush, or even giggle when you flirt with them). s very easy to start a conversation with woman abroad because they are very interested in talking with men even if those men are strangers.

When was the last time you saw a woman in Their femininity that they once had prior to the 60? There is no fear of men as strangers like there tends to be here in the .

Its also your overall mental health and the way you feel about yourself, especially for men, because for men, having 1000? The last three years of being on the American dating market - made me realize it isnt for me at all.

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