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This one was a doozy, with school teacher Randi Coy agreeing to play along with a fake wedding to slobbish fiancé Steve for a cash prize. The dad’s four grown children had to shop for a step-mommy among 12 ladies in one of the creepiest things to ever hit TV. Rougher still was the lawsuit Mark Burnett slapped on the series for having a format similar to “Survivor.” Uh, yeah. And how about that giant apple for the eviction ceremony?

Randi’s unsuspecting family bit their tongues and ended up with 0,000 each. The fact that this show was hosted by Monica Lewinsky should have been a huge red flag.

"Yes, the radio jocks will have a field day," Roloff told Reuters in a telephone interview.

"(But) hiding us behind closed doors or in funny costumes will never give us the exposure needed to desensitize society to us." Fox said this week that it would air the show, essentially a dwarf version of ABC's "The Bachelor," as a two-part special next month on February 16 and February 23.

Who wouldn’t want to call in American Idol-style and vote for their favorite love match to be married on live television? One of the worst reality shows just for the sheer ridiculousness of it, Armed and Famous put semi-famous celebrities on the streets as cops in Muncie, Indiana.

This show actually resulted in a lawsuit being filed after a woman claimed her home was wrongfully entered as she was questioned about people she did not know.

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Critics may roll their eyes at Fox television's upcoming dwarf-dating contest "The Littlest Groom," but the head of the advocacy group Little People of America says the show could end up giving his members a boost.

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