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So if you wrote lyrics in the last two years – and have a conscience – there’s no way that at least part of those lyrics aren’t informed by what’s happened.” On their face, songs like “Waiting Still” and “Never Gonna Stop” might seem more intensely personal than overtly political but make no mistake, THE WAR: ACT I is the most defiantly radical music the band has made thus far.

While acknowledging its narrative links, Mc Cormick is still loath to be too explicit regarding THE WAR’s interconnected themes and how those themes relate to future works.

“THE WAR is ultimately about conflict,” says Mc Cormick.

“The battles we go through every day, the trauma we reference from various situations in our lives that inform the decisions we make.

“We always start with guitar, bass, drums,” Mc Cormick says, “and then begin orchestrating it bit by bit.” From its start, The Family Crest’s audacious approach has been matched by an even bolder vision of musical community, with the seven-piece core of the band augmented by members of the “Extended Family” – some 400 friends and fans each contributing whatever musical element they can.

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