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On November 2, 1942, Ghettos One and Two in Grodno were completely sealed off.

In the morning the workers from Ghetto Two were held up at the gate, and suddenly the commandants of the two ghettos, Kurt Wiese (Ghetto One) and Otto Streblow (Ghetto Two), appeared and began shooting at the workers indiscriminately.

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Kimhe was shot to death for bringing in a chicken, Zalman Goldschmid over a liter of milk a few examples out of many. About two weeks after the Jews in the neighboring towns were taken to Kielbasin, the Germans began liquidating Ghetto Two.

First, however, they transferred those with useful professions from Ghetto Two to Ghetto One.

From the transit camps the Jews were transported to Auschwitz and Treblinka.

Jews from the Bielsk-Podloski subdistrict, in the southern part of the district, were sent directly to nearby Treblinka without passing through a transit camp.

Probably the Germans adopted this method because nearly all their means of transportation were tied up at Stalingrad, where the battle raged.

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