Keanu reeves and diane keaon dating

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Murphy designed a workout plan that would prepare his body for action packed stunts without putting a strain on his worn out muscles and joints.

Over the years, Reeves has had a lot of romantic relationship with several stars, including Sandra Bullock, Diane Keaton and Winona Ryder.

The famous multi-talented Canadian actor Keanu Reeves is also a director-producer and musician. The superstar actor for the hit action-packed Si-Fi Keanu Reeves, and Jennifer Symes met each other at a party in 1998 and fell in love.

Over the years, they have tweaked his workouts to suit his movie roles and Reeves has even worked with other trainers for specific roles.

For example, he enlisted the professional help of Patrick Murphy to prepare for his role of John Wick.

Overall, he attended 4 high schools in a 5-year period.

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