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After a nice breakfast for two, I remembered the call and told her of our new plans this weekend. Don ‘t you remember I’m off to a friend of mine this weekend? Are you calling my parents that we can’t babysit ” As I didn’t feel like getting into a fight this early in the morning, I told her it would be fine and that if it was ok with her and her parents, I would spend the weekend with Maggy.

She agreed, but wanted me to ask her parents if it was ok, and so I did.

“I still don’t think this is a goo..” I tried to say when she suddenly moved her hand lower, and started to rub my dick. With one smooth move I pushed away the fabric and entered her tight pussy with two fingers, her body directly tightening up, while moaning loudly. ” My hand quickly going in and out of her pussy, while sucking on her left boob made her moan like crazy after a while.

“why don’t you stop thinking and start relaxing? When she yelled she was cumming, I couldn’t take it any longer, took out my hand and went lying on top of her.

As I ignored the cries and went on fucking her, the screaming turned into moaning. ” Suddenly her body tightend and she stopped moaning, having her first orgasm during sex.

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