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During her career, she has been featured in some movies and TV shows.

Her most notable works can be seen in the movies like Cocktail, Showgirls, Face/ Off, Bound, Demonlover, The Insider, P. I Love You, Killer Joe, Minarets in New York and House of Versace.

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Gershon is one of the most popular actresses of America. Her birthplace is Los Angeles, which lies in California, USA. Her mother Mickey Koppel Gershon was an interior decorator, and her father Stan Gershon was a businessman in import- export sales.

She was raised as a Jewish in the Jewish family in San Fernando Valley.

They were able to turn Gina Gershon into a (younger) Donatella doppelgänger for the upcoming original movie House of of Versace.

Check her out — she even nails her trademark collagen-induced pout: In an interview with Gershon and the movie's makeup artist Kathy Kelso...

She then worked in Sweet Revenge along with Nancy Allen.

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