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This house originally belonged to Jeremiah French, U. The name, Maple Grove, was associated first with the house and its accompanying mills, then with the small community that grew up around it. The plan of the house was created in 1787 by Jeremiah French.The Neo-Classical elements of the façade were added in 1820 by George Robertson who married French's daughter and subsequently took possession of the house.

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See Old Ontario Houses for more houses from other time periods.

Maple Grove 1787 - 1820 This house currently in safe keeping in Upper Canada Village is an excellent example of Loyalist style.

Third, where is the nearest trade route and of what value will the settlement be to it?

Land along the upper Saint Lawrence River was some of the first to be allocated to the Loyalists because it faced onto the major trade route established between Montreal and the Great Lakes. By the time of the War of 1812, when the upstart Americans provided the attacks that politicians had anticipated, many farms had been established and were running successfully.

Early settlement anywhere is dictated by a few important factors.

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