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– The screen always stay black and the backlight never comes on but you still can make out an image on the LCD. -In some cases you might hear a buzzing noise coming from the area where the inverter board is located, it’s on the bottom part of the display assembly. How to troubleshoot and fix laptop video problems How to replace laptop backlight lamp (CCFL) Here’s an example of replacing the FL inverter board on an IBM Think Pad T41 notebook.

NOTE: if you cannot see an image on the screen (not even very dim image), most likely you have a different problem and there is nothing wrong with the screen inverter. This guide will work fine for any other IBM notebook.

But I believe the comparison is valid; an MS Caregiver must first don his or her own mask before assisting their fellow passenger.

This is the only way to consistently make it through the continuous series of “depressurizations” one experiences when caring for an MS patient. Providing care for an MS patient is stressful and it’s important that you care for yourself, too.

This notebook allows you to replace the inverter board without removing the LCD bezel completely.

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