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Unexpectedly, DNA evidence cleared Morin before the group’s appeal was heard, and Morin was declared innocent.

But Morin’s supporters went on to form AIDWYC, and to seek out other wrongful convictions.

Even the toughest prisoners adopt survival strategies, make compromises, learn to fit in. He kept to himself, avoiding the other prisoners as much as he could. You walk in the yard by yourself, because you don’t have any friends. Here you are walking the yard alone with this hat on, and everybody’s staring at you.’ “That probably put him in more danger than a lot of other things,” continued Mac Donald.

almost every day of his sentence,” said Sean Mac Donald, a lawyer who represents Glen. This was not your thing before you were convicted, and it’s certainly not your thing while you’re in prison. “But he didn’t care.” Maintaining his innocence — even proclaiming it, every day, with his hat — caused immense problems for Glen.

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