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Audrey becomes angry when she feels like Pacey is putting his job before their relationship and gets drunk while attending a college party with Jen and Jack. In the meantime, Audrey develops a drinking problem after a downspiral in battling depression. After running Pacey's BMW through Dawson's kitchen during Christmas dinner, who pacey takes full blame for.

She joins a band led by Emma Jones---a waitress at the local bar/restaurant Hell's Kitchen and fellow bartender who's friends with Joey---as the lead singer, but is soon discarded when her drinking goes out of control. They were introduced at the Halloween party after Jack convinced Jen to call the help line and invite C. After she runs to LA to avoid rehab she soon comes back only to find that her band mates are auditioning a new potential lead singer because of her messy drug situation.

Meanwhile, when Jack joins a frat and Jen and Dawson embark on their first sexual encounter during a getaway weekend, Audrey is used as bait to attract the small-minded boys of the Sigma Epsilon Fraternity, in particular, Eric, the young man who bailed out of having to room with Jack after learning that he was gay.

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While on spring break in Florida, Audrey's ex-boyfriend from high school, her 'Dawson', aspiring actor Chris Hartford, shows up during an M2M Concert.

Pacey spies the two kissing and questions Audrey about her intentions for their not-so-serious relationship.

The only child of a former actress, Kay Liddell, Audrey is an 18-year-old girl from Los Angeles with an interesting, romantic past. Audrey first meets Joey Potter during their Freshmen Year at the prestigious Worthington College, when they are assigned to room together.

She also makes quick and close friends with Jen Lindley, Jack Mcphee, Dawson Leery, and Pacey Witter. She is a person that attracts people to her; she's outgoing, optimistic, more when it comes to other people than herself.

When Pacey learns that she's failing her classes and lets her know of his concern, Audrey breaks up with him during a Halloween party. Later only to prove them right when she gets drunk and takes pills leading her to get kicked off the band.

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