Dating someone genderqueer

by  |  11-Feb-2018 03:23

And it is affecting the lives of people face to face in the queer community. Gay men don’t seem to get nearly as much of this because frankly they don’t tolerate it and gay/bi trans males are a relatively smaller number than lesbian/bi trans women. Some women suggest this guilt tripping by trans activists and allies perpetrates “rape culture.” This may be hyperbole but hardly more hyperbolic than calling a lack of attraction to trans women as “transmisogynistic.” Below are some quotes from Tumblr and other sites.

We can blow this off as the extremes of the Internet but young people are in fact growing up on this Internet and are as influenced by it as anything else in their day-to-day lives.

However, there are too many instances where expressions of frustration are crossing over the line to coercive behavior, not even just by trans people but also too often by allies as well.

I am not interested in stirring up drama about a few random extreme things on the Internet. This isn’t just seven people attending a poorly named Cotton Ceiling workshop. It’s not a concept promoted on obscure websites but on major chat boards and mainstream news sites.

But more and more certain members of the queer community feel a sense of entitlement to deride other people for their sexual attractions.

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