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Wells and Burgay came up with the idea of posting video testimonials on a BU website, and they asked colleagues if they would be willing to share their stories.“We wondered how we could let parents know they have colleagues that have been dealing with a similar set of issues and might be able to provide support or advice,” says Burgay, who is on the board of directors of the Asperger’s Association of New England.

“It’s hard being in a different world and not knowing many people who are in the world we are in.

My child is older now, but if this website had existed a few years ago, I would have used it to reach out.” Do they have any info from the children themselves, or from adults with disabilities who have already grown up in that world?

“I would be eager to talk to people and listen to people and to say, this is what I’ve done, and mostly to hear what people’s worries are.” In another video, Beverly Guiry, director of project management for Information Services & Technology, discusses her daughter’s struggle with a seizure disorder and the joy she felt when her daughter found a job.

“This is a journey and at different ages my child has had different issues to face,” says Guiry.

There are some moms out there that likely don’t get the love, adoration and attention they deserve. When it comes down to it, they are going to love hard, give you their all and do their damnedest to ensure that you feel just as loved as their kid does. This post originally appeared on Needs More Crayons.

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