Dating people herpes uk dating vs hanging out dallin h oaks

by  |  03-Apr-2018 15:06

I was in a relationship at the time (with the person who gave me herpes); that broke down (not because of herpes) and only when I was single did it become an issue.

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The herpes virus has been recognised for thousands of years – Hippocrates wrote about it – and was seen as nothing more than a minor skin condition for most of that time.

But the advent of antivirals in the 1980s meant that drugs companies began portraying herpes as something terrible in order to sell treatments. It doesn’t cause physical damage and although it can be painful during an outbreak, it is invisible the rest of the time, and causes no problems whatsoever.

Ideally, disclosure would be completely stress-free and just ‘one of those things’.

It’s not affected personal relationships, I just take antivirals and avoid sex when necessary.

I had a burning/itchy sensation and initially thought I had thrush.

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