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If posts get to far off topic they will be removed. Didn't think I could change your post, I'm confused what happened. We do know that the switch from B & B to Beavertail was mid or a little later 1963. From the players perspective the bay to the right of center is a knobby mount in the center of the bay. The bay to the left of center has two Swivo mounts right next to the lugs on the top. Ive seen heated chrom before, that doesnt immediately look damaged. I wonder if this could be from the Factory Fire period. I have only one drum I positively know when it walked out of the music store. Dynasonics, D706061, 1977, I have the original sales receipt from Modesto Music, Modesto Ca.

From things Ive read in different posts, I take it the 1965 date for the change from the clockface throwoff to the elongated that is stated in the book is incorrect? [sign in to see URL], 1977, I have the original sales receipt for this drum Bruces edit cut my post way down. Jack Jack your Dynasonic was made toward the end of 1963. 13723, Early 5 line 67 10407, Late 7 line, 67 Elongated Throw, Got this one from Kelly smith.

They were all within about eleven hundred of each other in ser. Jack The Ploughman wrote: As near as I have been able to determine, this is what Ive got and the years they were probably manufactured. 53004, late fullerton, 74-75 big R type bottom hoop all original.

And they aren't good quality and don't sound particularly awesome. Otherwise, keep your money for a better more modern kit. But I know that around here there are endless Pearl export kits.

thanks in advance, and apologies if I have posted inappropriately. But I know that around here there are endless Pearl export kits.

There is a set of Exports at a studio here in Nashville. They have Optimounts on them instead of the ISS mounts. I love the track "Jealousy." Artists are not credited, but these are good albums... I'll retrieve a picture from the studio website, and maybe a link to some free audio clips.[attachment=0]studio drums.jpg[/attachment]Go here for some audio.

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