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Almost everything is imported in Iraq, and most of these imports come across the Turkish and Iranian borders.Mr Araji says that Iraqi leaders had met President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “who supported the Iraqi central government, but did not talk about closing the border crossings". He says that “officially we have four border crossings, three with Iran and one with Turkey, but unofficially there are 17 border crossings”, of which 16 are with Iran.

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He says that this could happen again, but is much less likely now because Isis no longer holds cities and districts where it can safely organise and equip bombers.

“The main thing is that the caliphate has been broken,” he says.

Mr Araji, speaking in his office in the Green Zone in Baghdad, says, “We have cooperation from members of important Isis families to help our security units.” He said that the wife of an Isis leader was to make contact later in the day: “We give her money and keep her identity secret, but she does it because she wants to protect her sons and stay alive herself.” Mr Araji says that there had been no successful Isis attacks during the Arbaeen commemoration when millions of Shia walk to their holy city of Kerbala from all over Iraq.

The vast numbers are difficult to defend and they have traditionally been easy targets for Isis suicide bombers who mingle with the crowds.

As evidence of greater security, he reads from a dossier prepared for the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, showing that there had been just two attempted suicide bombings during Arbaeen and both the bombers had been killed without hurting anybody else.

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