Dating gemini men

by  |  11-Aug-2017 22:48

As long as you feel you deserve better then it will come, if you hate yourself then keep hanging out with people who will mistreat you..are not your friends.I have no idea why a Scorpio would ever get involved in a long-term relationship with Geminis. I am an Aries who married and lived very, very happily "Til Death Do Yea Part" for 30 years.They're hypercritical about others but extremely sensitive about what others say to them.

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In horoscope, the enigmatic planet Mercury represents the intellectual abilities.

The ruler of the celestial trade ways is a symbol for the mind, perception.

In june i was living in bliss, our marriage was never so good, end of june i say one wrong word to her friend and now am living in hell.

I was going to go on a speed date as horoscope predicted a chance to find the true love of my live (or ex-girlfriend) but with 2 kids I hold dear and still having alot of feelings for my wife I did not go.

Now seeing another gemini (single)for 5 months now and dating him in old fashioned way. Happy right now and just enjoying myself with him every time we're together without feeling of needing to be in a relationship that's why I messed up the last time,won't do it again I assure myself about that.

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