Dating domestic model 151 sewing machine

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William Kentridge’s immersive installation, , travels to the Ohio State University’s Wexner Center for the Arts (3 February – 15 April).

The installation evolved from Kentridge’s conversations with Harvard professor Peter Galison about the conception of time at the beginning of the twentieth century. With music composed by Kentridge’s longtime collaborator, Philip Miller, it recounts a tale that begins with the myth of Perseus and ends with Einstein’s visionary findings.

of Building & Safety" and has the number KK039390 across the middle.

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Company History This is William Mack's May 19, 1863 patent with his revolutionary design for a vibrating shuttle machine with high arm. No name is given to the shape or style of take-up mechanism, which resembles a tennis racket.

The patent covered the 'throw' of the shuttle, construction of shuttle and shuttle race and the means of driving the feed wheel. May be useful for dating, but note that old style machines can be fitted with the latest style shuttles adapted for old carriers; or with the latest shuttles of the regular make, and a carrier to suit. Movement Serial 74118 Courtesy of Scott This Mother of Pearl machine with Fancy Legged treadle would have been one of Domestic's top of the range models.

The model has Scarab beetles in the decals in the same vein as Singer's Lotus decals and undoubtedly the model competed with Singer's models 27 and 127.

The stitch length is adjusted by a screw and the bobbin winder is low.

Serial number stamped on rim of machine bed under slide plate.

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