Dating agency foot tickling

by  |  09-Aug-2017 08:38

How do they make sense of all the new sounds, sights, smells and sensations?

Our new research has focused on the way babies experience touch, such as tickling.

They did not seem to care which side of their bodies their feet were, simply responding to a tactile location on the body, and at a good level of accuracy to boot.

On the basis of this we argue that before six months of age, when a baby feels a touch on their foot or their hand, they don’t relate the touch to an object or event outside of themselves.

However, if our hands are crossed, our left hand and the touches it feels are in right space, and our right hand and the touches it feels are in left space.

This therefore confounds our expectations leading us into errors.

One signature of this ability is a tendency, demonstrated by both young children and adults, to become confused about the location of a touch when our limbs are crossed over.

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