Christina aguilera dating dez

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These days, it seems like the blonde beauty is in a good place.

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"I swear if I hadn't called her Summer I would've called her Joy because she just lights up a room and she illuminates brightness and happiness," the former Earlier this week, the reality star made headlines when she got super candid about an ex-boyfriend, revealing that he was into men.

When discussing the inspiration behind her 2002 song "Infatuation" on that the track was inspired by her ex-boyfriend, dancer Jorge Santos, whom she dated for two years.

And that’s not all: they’re also more likely to be hired and less likely to be fired. We want to give attractive people all of our money: Attractive real estate agents make higher sales than others.

And we as a culture believe attractive people to be more intelligent, interesting, funny and desirable than Average Joes. On Tuesday, Dez sang a middling rendition of the country song “Wanted.” When he finished, Christina Aguilera, his coach, told him “you are the whole package.” The other coaches praised him for being a good looking guy. Wasn’t this competition about who was the best, most artful singer?

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