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These people thrive on adrenalin and it is eat or be eaten! This is ruining the experience for me - as I sometimes watch UFC too, and nobody ever - none of these hungry-for-success-and-adrenalin people would hesitate like this...

You shouldn't be fighting if you can't stomach punching people... This movie is so very sweet,funny,serious and simple i hope this movie have a part 2.

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when I watching this drama feels like a butterfly in my stomach..

reminds me the very good old days, with a catchy OST all the time.. If not, definitely you will miss half of your life. It's not a heavy plot, but the storyline, script, chemistry between the actors, the comedy, the moral is just excellent!!

park seo joon and kim ji won is so very funny but they sweet couple i very very like this movie because it's very very beautiful story.

park seo joon is a good actor and kim ji won is a good actress.

the director of this movie is so very intelligent and is so very well to make a movie or film i hope someday this movie have a part 2 or many more part of this ...

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