Build your dating profile

by  |  21-May-2018 03:56

Don’t overdo it on the sexy factor here—when I say full body shot, I’m not talking about a centerfold image.Studies show that for men, it’s often best to choose a pic which shows you doing something semi-active like playing with your dog or hiking with your friends.And do you really want someone who only wants a thinner/younger/richer version of you, anyhow?

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Picture a traditional blind date: You’re nervous, you have no idea what the other person looks like, and you have serious doubts that the two of you will have anything in common.

But with online dating, you’ve already spoken with the person, read about their hobbies and interests, and perused dozens of photos to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Would you include tons of party photos to convey your fun, social butterfly personality?

It might seem easiest to use a photo you already have, but stop and think about the message this photo will send within the context of a dating website.

The headshot you use for business purposes is probably a bit too posed and/or stuffy-looking for purposes of attracting dates.

Entice potential dates with a few intriguing facts about yourself, but leave a bit of mystery.

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