Brainy dating site

by  |  20-Jan-2018 20:58

Say Allo was established to reinvent dating discovery to make the experience of connecting with someone very real and intelligent that starts from a baseline of compatibility.

This is why we’ve built the first application that intelligently guides you to compatible connections using Smart Swipe™ technology, giving you the resources you need to make smart, informed decisions.explore the app Finding your match should be more than mindless swiping through an endless array of people that you’ll never meet or have a meaningful connection with.

You are never required to give out your full name, email or other sensitive information.

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With Smart Swipe™, we let you know who likes you to take the guesswork out of finding a compatible match.

Unlock Smart Swipe™ today and save your right swipes for those who matter!

It's a already a common perception that most singles really try show what they've got or "put their best foot forward" especially in the early stages of the relationship.

That is why you need to observe and examine the personality of the other person so that you will able to see early on that you're able to connect with him or her.

Much different than other dating apps where you match, message and then meet in person, Say Allo provides a valuable step in-between to meetup using our integrated video tool.

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