Baby boomers and speed dating

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Dr Bateson said this trend differed from other research in Australia which suggested that in general sexually experienced people tended to have a higher rate of practising safe sex.

She said this may simply be men re-entering the dating world "with gusto", but without the safe sex education most younger people get given."Just not having that knowledge to be able to understand the importance of using condoms both to protect themselves and their partners," she said."And having those negative perceptions about condoms.

I'm looking for new aquaintances first and will take it from there..;o). I'm a 62 year old single lady (recently divorced, 1 son, 2 grandchildren). anyone here who actually met her new partner online? It didn't take long until I was meeting and dating different women.

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Here is the link to - ["16 Fatal Online Dating Errors Woman Make"]

p=179[/url]I just recently registered with two over 50's dating sites

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Picture this: A group of senior citizens gather in a room, mingle over drinks and snacks, and then find their seats at one of the many small tables, one man and one woman at each.

And if you are open-minded enough, have a good time in the process. This totally free dating site is reportedly the highest earning site for Google Adsense (the little ads you see on lots of sites).

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