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If Aquarius, the flighty, universal lover is able to alight on the flower that is Taurus, a match can be made. First dates are about being sized up, sussing out the actual, tangible dimensions of the elusive Waterbearer (Aquarius).

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Strictly based on sun signs, Taurus is the most unlikely partner for Aquarius.

These two are elementally opposite, and even though they are not opposite on the Zodiac, they are the most different from each other.

He is my perfect match and puts a flame in me where others have burnt it out.

Wooing an Aquarius Woman The Aquarius Woman and Love Community Q&A Aquarius women are a paradox.

Upside: Commitment in marriage, stimulating conversation, mellow times, art appreciation, sound thinkers, both dislike love complications, purveyors of style and the good life, ambitious, straight shooters.

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