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by  |  25-Jun-2017 18:55

Once i finally got her to slow down, i told her to twist around and face me so i can start goin at it while she was on top. So i sat up while stretchin my legs and allowed her to continue to make me feel awesome.

After a 2min of goin all out, something bad happened.... After the cramp went away i laid her down and started goin nice and slowly in missionary (didnt want to cramp up again), but she didn’t allow that...

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At that time i thought she put it in without a condom but to my surprise there was one already on. But somehow i kept it back by grabbin her ass to slow her down as she was goin 100km/s!

I never knew someone can go that quick and not complain about being tired after a few seconds, but she is a trooper and wanted to keep goin.

I asked her to do it softly so i wouldn’t blow, which she was happy to do but as she blew me slowly, it became more sensual as she twist her tongue aound my little bro and licking it all over then moving towards my balls.

After a few minute i asked her if she had any water. (she drank it and used her mouth to feed it to me...).

at this point in time i need a cig to get some energy. I never thought i would be havin a cig and getting a bbbj from a JAV star in my life...

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