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They also rated the severity of the issue, how well their partner tried to make amends, and their own degree of forgiveness.

Researchers from Northwestern University and Redeemer University College used a questionnaire to assess trust levels in 69 undergraduates’ relationships.

Then, the students filled out surveys about their partners’ recent mishaps every two weeks for the next six months.

People who have certain self-centred, manipulative and malicious traits are not worthy of your trust.

If you can learn from your past relationships to identify said traits and the types of people who aren't to be trusted, then you'll be better at picking a lover the next time around--and knowing that you're wiser and more likely to pick a better lover will make you less scared of getting hurt.

The four suggestions below helped me, and I think they'll also help you get past the things which are holding you back from a brighter future.

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