1950 s dating advice

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Poly pros: how long did it take for you to “get used to” the polyamorous lifestyle? If that sounds like a long time, just think about the 30 years of monogamous programming that had to be undone!

If the relationship has other problems, then, well, you need to fix those first.” “The biggest lesson I’ve learned in my current relationship is that it’s okay to feel jealousy; the difference in poly and traditional relationships isn’t a lack of jealousy, but how you deal with it.” “When I start to feel pangs of jealousy, my partner doesn’t get defensive; he doesn’t start trying to explain the situation into something benign; he doesn’t make me feel bad for having an unpleasant emotion.

He simply shows me that he loves me, and that I’m important to him. It’s worked every time so far.” “Perception is not always reality. Just because you think it or feel it, it isn’t necessarily true.” “Sure, go ahead and try the ‘Don’t Share Details’ technique, but keep this in mind: Your imagination is WAY more wild than reality.” “Own your own feelings.

I thrive in being able to love & show affection to people I find interesting & genuine, when im limited to do so I’m not being genuine to myself.

I like having partners with that same quality so poly is a natural fit.

And fuck ups & mistakes WILL happen, how you respond & resolve & learn from them is what matters.

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